Gerry’s GF Wrap Review

I do my groceries at a supermarket close to a KFC.

Delicious and fatty, I find it’s easier to resist the pull on a full stomach. Unfortunately, I hadn’t planned ahead today and left the house without filling up.

As i passed k-fry, my stomach rumbled with the delicious scent wafting into my nostrils. My head turned and my mouth watered as I slowed my pace and considered turning…

Luckily, I got a phone call at that precise moment, which gave me the superpower of temporary resistance and i was able to make it to the supermarket without a hitch.

To counter my now roaring craving for glutinous, deep fried chicken, I decided to spend the money on a healthier option.

Chicken salad Wraps! YUM!

I purchased Gerry’s Go No Gluten Wraps, as I found them to be a fair price for 6 wraps $3.99 (not too much more than regular wraps) and as there are 6, I can try a few alternate ways of using them.

From the website:

Easy-to-make Mexican (and just about anything else):

  • tenderly oozing cheese toasties
  • pre-made pizzas & quick quesadillas
  • enriching enchiladas & burly burritos
  • terrific tacos & tasty tortilla chips
  • chewy chimichangas & tantalising tostadas
  • cannelloni, wontons, noodles & soup (really!)

I’ve actually had them before and found them to be tasty, yet a touch dry. It was the same this time, although I highly recommend following the heating instructions as it does improve the taste as well as the texture! The first time i had these, I didn’t follow the instructions and they weren’t nearly as good as this time.

These wraps are great in the way that when you fold them, they stay together. I’ve found that so many GF products just fall apart the moment you fold them over (or in once case snap – review on that brand to come later)

The taste takes a bit of getting used too. Wraps are usually quite a neutral flavour, but these taste quite corny – a bit like soft, non salted corn chips. I think these would actually taste amazing with Mexican styled food, and hot – like enchiladas (lunch tomorrow?)

Once the wraps cool down, they do start to crack a tad and harden, but they are still fine, again, really follow the heating instructions to get the best out of these babies.

11923202_10153595505833934_5901450636776897004_n 11220832_10153595505868934_8225127079209809631_n

As you can see, mine started to crack (I was unprepared with my toppings and took my sweet time making these)

I have tried other wraps before, but I have bought Gerry’s twice now and find they are the easiest, so far, to make the switch too. The price is affordable, and the taste, while different, is something easy enough to get used too.

I give this product a 3.75/5 – I still miss gluten wraps when I eat these, and these are dry unless you add enough toppings and sauces, but they are good enough to recommend to others and they are the best I have tried thus far. I think it’s just a matter of experimenting with different ways of using these rather than just having them cold – I’d like to try them in enchilada or quesadilla form (update to come when I do try them that way)

Over and out πŸ™‚

EDIT: I got a message from Gerry’s saying that you can sprinkle a touch of water on them to help with the dry issue!

Also I tried them as Quesadillas and they were AMAZING! totally increases my over all to 4/5

2 thoughts on “Gerry’s GF Wrap Review

  1. Hi Mel
    Thanks for writing up this review on our gluten-free Go No Gluten Wrap. I’m glad you liked them :-).

    If you find them a little dry you can always sprinkle a little water on each wrap before heating which makes them slightly moister.

    Also to stop them going hard and potentially brittle after you’ve heated and rolled them, you can try reducing the length of time you heat them πŸ™‚

    Kind regards

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